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Louisville Visitation Rights Lawyer

Helping Ensure Your Relationship with Your Children is Preserved

If you and your spouse are getting a divorce, it is important to remember that the law generally presumes that a child has an interest in maintaining a healthy relationship with both parents. When one parent receives physical custody over their child, the other parent’s ability to foster a meaningful relationship with their child is impaired.

If you are the noncustodial parent in a divorce involving a minor child, you should seek legal representation from a Louisville visitation rights lawyer to give you and your interests a strong, supporting voice. Conversely, are you the custodial parent of a minor child whose welfare is potentially endangered by the other parent? At the Law Office of Todd K. Bolus, PLLC, you can take advantage of my experience handling various divorce cases including matters affecting parent rights to child visitation. I am dedicated to working diligently toward finding a just resolution to your legal issues while holding your child’s best interests in the highest regard.

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Legal Considerations Regarding Visitation Rights

Kentucky law presumes that children are best served if parents share parenting time and joint custody rights. However, in some situations – such as when a child’s parents reside far apart from one another – shared parenting time would be impractical. The determination of a parent’s visitation rights is applicable in cases where one parent is not granted physical custody or awarded shared parenting time over their child. Although a family law court will go to great lengths to respect a parent’s right to maintain a good relationship with their child, a judge will consider denying visitation rights under certain extreme circumstances.

Factors that a court may consider to determine the extent of a parent’s visitation rights include:

  • A parent’s military duties and chances of deployment;
  • A parent’s conviction history for sexual offenses;
  • A parent’s record of committing domestic violence offenses against the other parent; and
  • Whether a parent was guilty of homicide regarding the other parent.

Consult an Experienced Visitation Rights Attorney in Louisville

Are you concerned that your right to have a healthy relationship with your child is in peril? Or are you trying to protect your child’s wellbeing by excluding a toxic relationship with their other parent from their life? If so, you stand to benefit from the measured counsel of a Louisville visitation rights attorney to support your cause. Whether you need legal representation throughout a major divorce proceeding, or merely require a simple consult with an experienced lawyer, I will commit the resources of my practice at the Law Offices of Todd K. Bolus, PLLC to further the interests of you and your child.

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