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Same-Sex Divorce in Louisville

Professional Legal Guidance for a Complex Divorce Proceeding

The process of a same-sex divorce can be a bit more challenging than a traditional one, considering there are newer laws involved. Most cases take months, or even years to resolve. With that in mind, I advise my clients to have as much patience as possible throughout the entire process. As an experienced same-sex divorce attorney in Louisville, I provide trusted legal counsel to same-sex couples looking to dissolve their marriages across the state of Kentucky. With an attorney like me on your side, you can rest assured that someone's always looking out for your rights and best interests. Know that I want to see you win, and I do what it takes to make that happen.

My name is Todd K. Bolus. As the founding attorney of my family law firm, I provide effective representation to same-sex couples looking to divorce. With over 30 years of legal experience to offer, I am equipped to navigate you through the most complex divorce hearings in courts throughout Louisville and the surrounding communities.

Seeking representation for a same-sex divorce case in Louisville or a surrounding city? I am on standby to hear from you. Give my office a call at (502) 272-9596 for an initial consultation, or schedule a meeting.

Seeing All Aspects of a Same-Sex Divorce Case Through

With my extensive knowledge and insight in the area of family law, I am better able to provide quality legal guidance for all of the working components of a same-sex divorce case.

I can navigate you through a variety of family law challenges, including:

My approach to family law might be more composed and practical than other attorneys in Louisville and the surrounding areas. I offer honest legal advice and viable solutions tailored to their legal problems. I find great satisfaction in handling same-sex divorce cases in the manner that I do. My calm and collected demeanor has proven to be effective through the litigation and negotiation stages of a proceeding. When you entrust me with your legal matters, I plan for anything and everything that could happen. I even prepare to take matters to court.

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