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Some of the most complicated, and potentially frustrating, issues during a divorce can come from property division. It often is difficult for people to determine what shared marital property is and how to divide it equitably. When grappling with these types of issues, it is important to seek help from an experienced attorney.

I am Louisville attorney Todd K. Bolus. I provide clients with straightforward advice and smart representation throughout the divorce process. With more than 30 years of experience assisting clients with property division in Louisville, Kentucky, I am fully prepared to assist with even the most complex property division in divorce. I am a calm, effective negotiator who will advocate for your interests in all types of property division disputes.

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Equitable Distribution in Kentucky

If a couple cannot agree to the terms of a separation agreement, a court will be forced to make the determinations regarding property division. In Kentucky, that means equitable distribution, or what the court determines to be fair. Keep in mind that fairness does not necessarily require a 50-50 split.

Factors for Property Division

Kentucky law also allows for a no-fault divorce filing, typically citing an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Accordingly, a spouse’s cheating will not influence a court’s determination of fair property division. However, a court will consider other subjective factors in determining equitable distribution such as:

  • The contribution of each spouse in acquiring the asset or property is a factor. In that determination, a spouse’s contribution as a homemaker may be considered.
  • The length of marriage will also influence the court’s property division. A court may also inquire about the financial circumstances of each spouse.
  • Extra considerations may also apply to some types of property awards, such as whether a child would benefit from awarding the family home to the custodial parent.

A court may also make determinations regarding property that is excluded from the marital estate. Inheritances are generally not considered marital property. Property acquired before the marriage is also generally excluded. However, any increase in an asset's value may affect that exclusion, regardless of how the property was acquired. To the extent that a value increase resulted from a spouse’s efforts during the marriage, a portion of the asset's value may be due the other spouse.

How Having a Knowledgeable Attorney Benefits You

When dealing with property division issues, it may be in your best interests to work with an attorney who has extensive knowledge of the law and court procedures, and who will take the time to explain your rights and options for dividing retirement assets, collectibles, investment property and other assets.

I am a knowledgeable Louisville property division attorney who takes pride in helping people bring order to chaotic situations. Through my experience and know-how, I am able to advise clients on how to avoid common pitfalls and to handle property division matters as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I am proud to provide my clients with decades of experience and thoroughly researched counsel. To schedule an initial consultation with me, call my office at (502) 272-9596.

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