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Child Custody Attorney in Louisville, KY

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Seeking a custody order, whether solely or jointly, can be one of the most difficult aspects of a legal separation or divorce settlement. If coming to a mutual agreement becomes a challenge between you and your ex-spouse, I encourage you to get an experienced and skilled child custody attorney in Louisville, Kentucky involved.

As the leading legal adviser of my Louisville family law firm, I offer honest and helpful guidance for navigating custody law in Kentucky and the surrounding communities. I also provide proven representation to clients looking to protect their parental or visitation rights with respect to laws governing the state of Kentucky.

I have over 30 years of insight and experience in the area of family law. Taking my legal abilities into consideration, I am prepared to see all types of child custody disputes through on your behalf. I work with my clients individually to determine effective legal solutions that cater to their family's needs and best represent their children's best interests.

Retain measured, effective representation for your child custody case. I am here to help you get matters resolved so that you and your loved ones can determine your best parenting plan. Call (502) 272-9596 today or contact me online.

Compassionate Advocacy Focused on Your Needs

As a professional child custody lawyer in Louisville and surrounding communities in Kentucky, I have a firm grasp of the processes involved in Kentucky family court when it comes to determining child custody.

If you are a parent looking to obtain sole physical custody or need guidance with coming to a joint custody compromise with the other parent, I am here to help you. I provide personalized legal attention through every matter that I handle, offering credible legal advice and trusted counsel the entire way through. We can examine the different types of custody available to each parent to find a resolution that works for everyone.

If you have a custody situation that requires more than a negotiation meeting, I happily extend my legal services so that you can receive the experienced level of advocacy that you deserve inside and outside of the courtroom. I can work with you in complex custody situations involving aspects such as domestic violence.

Furthermore, I am also aware that current Kentucky child custody laws need an update, considering that your child's needs aren't fully accounted for as they progress in age. If you have a current child custody or visitation agreement in place that fails to serve the best interests of you or your child, I am prepared to work diligently to obtain a court order for an approved modification.

Through it all, you can trust me to stand up for your parental rights and provide the powerful advocacy that you deserve. No matter how complex your child custody case may be, I am here with you.

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