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Why You Should Stay Off Social Media During Your Divorce

Many of us use social media to stay connected to friends and family or even to form new connections. In fact, many of us have accounts on several different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They allow us to share our thoughts, our pictures, and the places we have visited in a matter of seconds. While social media is certainly a fun and useful tool, it can be detrimental for those who are in the midst of a divorce, especially for those who tend to overshare. Continuing to remain engaged in social media while you are going through the divorce process can derail your chances of securing a favorable divorce settlement.

Below is a list of some reasons why it is important for you to stay off social media until your divorce is finalized:

  • Pictures can be harmful: If you are like most people who use social media, chances are you enjoy posting pictures of yourself, especially the ones that make you appear particularly happy or like you are having a good time. Unfortunately, pictures can be taken out of context and used against you. For example, if you post a picture of yourself drinking and partying, it might make you appear irresponsible. If you do continue to use social media, refrain from posting any pictures, especially those that show you partaking in inappropriate behavior.
  • Posts reveal your spending habits: No one posts how much they make a year or what their expenses are, but a lot can be deduced from observing what you post on social media. If you went on an exotic vacation or purchased something extravagant, but are also trying to claim that you cannot pay child support, you will look like a liar.
  • Secrets can be exposed: Even if you and your spouse were not married for very long, chances are you still share a fair amount of mutual friends. It is the inevitable side effect of becoming part of someone else’s life. You also probably added them on all of your social media profiles, giving them access to everything you post. Now that you are going through a divorce, you probably unadded your spouse, but are likely unsure which friends to unadd and to whom they are loyal. You could end up posting something that one of them will share with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and this could ultimately harm you. To ensure certain information does not fall into the wrong hands, it is best to err on the side of caution and not post anything during your divorce.
  • Posts are permanent: Once something is on the internet, it is out there forever, even if you delete it, so make sure you think twice before you post anything on social media. If you continue to use social media, always ask yourself if you would be comfortable with a judge seeing it and, if you are unsure, do not post it.

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