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Divorce: Prenuptial agreements can serve many different purposes

At the time when a couple in love wants to focus on nothing else, that conversation about a prenuptial agreement is dreaded by most. Kentucky couples may be interested in why six brides said, although they felt apprehensive, they signed prenups and are happy they did. The first bride said all her future husband had to do was to remind her that, regardless of their current happiness and love for each other, each of them had previously gone through a divorce that left them with less than what they would have wanted.

The second bride said she had spent seven years building up a lucrative business and knew that, if she wanted to protect the profits, she would have to sign a marriage agreement. She was relieved when her soon-to-be spouse said he had always assumed they would sign a prenup. Then there was the bride who said that, despite their wishes that their marriage would last forever, they had to be realistic and consider the fact that both their parents were divorced, and the groom's mother had actually been divorced twice.

Bride number four said that signing a prenup was the right thing to do because she had to protect the interests of a daughter from a previous marriage. The fifth bride said she refused at first because she felt her future husband was punishing her for the wrongdoings of his former wife. However, she came around and realized it was for his peace of mind and had nothing to do with his love for her.

The last bride said that, although it was important to her partner, she had no intention of signing a prenup. However, because of his failure to do any household chores while they lived together, she agreed to sign if they could include a clause about his responsibilities. Thereby they compromised by each committing to something he or she did not want to do. These are but some of the solutions prenuptial agreements can offer, and an experienced Kentucky divorce attorney can help with drafting a unique agreement to fit the needs and wishes of each couple.