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How is car insurance separated in divorce?

Ending a marriage is painful, regardless of how amicable it is. While dealing with child-related issues and property division, which are typically the primary issues in a divorce, it is not unusual for some Kentucky couples to forget about separating vehicle insurance. When both spouses are listed as the insured individuals of the policy, they need to change that. However, there are rules with which to comply.

Removing one spouse's name from the car insurance can only be done with the consent of the other spouse and only once he or she has a separate address. This can happen after the divorce is finalized or when the couple is separated. One party will then have to get new insurance on his or her car. If the same insurance provider is the carrier of the house insurance, it might make sense for the other spouse to obtain a new policy.

Ideally, the person whose name is taken off existing insurance must get a new policy before being removed to avoid one party driving without insurance. The insurance company would likely want a signed removal request to verify consent. If one spouse is uncooperative, the other one can sign the removal request to be taken off the joint insurance policy.

Along with this process, there will likely be other issues that were not considered in among the major issues. Fortunately, with the guidance and support of an experienced divorce attorney, all matters can be addressed in time. A Kentucky lawyer can explain what must be done to prepare a divorcing spouse for a new single life.