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Divorce -- is it better to wait for the children to graduate?

For parents in Kentucky, deciding to end a marriage is as traumatic and challenging as for other couples across the country. It is not unusual for people to endure unhappy marriages because they want to spare the children the trauma of divorce. While this is a process that will be tough for the entire family, the psychological harm caused by prolonged exposure to discontent could be more damaging.

People have various reasons for putting off a divorce, and some are more valid than others are. One spouse may hope to repair and rebuild the marriage to what it once was, while some decide that staying together is financially beneficial. This could involve continued medical insurance coverage for a person with a chronic ailment. Then there is the belief that children of divorced parents develop emotional problems and often fail to adjust to adult life, and it is only natural for parents to want to protect their children from harm.

In different circumstances, the reasons for leaving may surpass those for staying. It might only be a matter of inability of spouses to get along despite all their efforts; however, some relationships cannot be fixed. A valid reason for divorce is abuse. Nobody should remain in a home where verbal, physical or emotional abuse forms part of daily life, and getting children out of such environments could be the most responsible choice.

While it is only natural for a person to think and rethink his or her options when considering a divorce, it is not a decision that has to be made without professional guidance. An experienced Kentucky divorce attorney can assess the circumstances and then offer valuable advice to make important decisions easier. A lawyer can explain the different divorce options and then provide the necessary support along every step of the way.