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These options often help people considering divorce

Most married people in Kentucky remember at least one or more things that attracted them to their spouses before they wed. Reasons people marry vary almost as much as those cited when spouses file for divorce. Every couple's situation is different. Some are able to workout their differences and stay together.

Just as various other aspects of life require regular upkeep and maintenance (such as physical health, pet care and/or machines and appliances) a director of a postgraduate marriage program and a couples' therapy group in another state says people must give adequate attention to their marriages to keep them from falling apart. A person who never exercises or doesn't eat healthy may have trouble functioning physically. So too, spouses who neglect one another and never put personal effort into their marital relationships may eventually find their problems irreparable.

At the top of the list for ways to help hold a marriage together is building up one's spouse and showing personal interest in a partner's well-being. It's also important to do a little self-pampering from time to time in marriage, says the Ph.D. who leads the postgraduate marriage group. When each spouse takes time to do something he or her enjoys away from the other, it helps boost the marital union as well.

Kentucky couples often access many different resources when problems arise. Some are able to keep their marriages intact, while others determine their differences irreconcilable. The latter group often finds divorce the most viable option for resolving their issues. In such circumstances, it's quite common to request consultation with an experienced family law attorney to explore how best to approach a particular situation in court.