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Pros and cons of parenting after divorce

No two Kentucky families are exactly alike, but many have things in common. For instance, some are blended families, comprised of parents who bring children together from previous unions. Others are single-parent households that developed after divorce.

Those in the latter group often say they face many challenges as they learn to adapt to post-divorce lifestyles, particularly as it affects their parenting plans. One woman says she believes she has actually become a better parent in some ways since her marital split. One thing she's apparently learned to do that she didn't do while she was married is directly interact and share activities with her children on a regular basis.

The woman also said divorced parents tend to battle guilty feelings related to their single-parent lifestyles. For instance, when she has time to herself, she often misses her daughters and wishes they were with her. When her kids are present, pangs of guilt arise as she feels compelled to make up for lost time.

For many Kentucky parents who divorce, it's not only personal issues that pose the most challenge. Some face great struggles as they attempt to develop new parenting plans in amicable fashions with their former spouses. Parenting disagreements post-divorce have a way of negatively affecting everyone involved. This is one of many reasons it's often best to seek support from an experienced family law attorney who can advocate to protect a concerned parent's rights and keep children's best interests at heart as solutions to custody or visitation problems are sought.