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Don't believe everything you hear after divorce

Developing new parenting plans after marital ties are severed is a challenge many Kentucky adults must face. Divorce necessitates some major lifestyle changes, especially where children are involved. It's often the case that one parent will hear something about the other, either from a child, a relative or friend, and if he or she acts without first researching the situation to confirm the rumor, things can get pretty messy.

Let's say someone tells you your children were left alone at their other parent's home, and you and your former spouse agreed never to do that. There are several ways to handle this type of situation, some of which may do more harm than good in the long run. Generally speaking, if you launch into a full-out attack against your former spouses without first seeking an explanation, you may wind up becoming entangled in a contentious situation that could cause detriment to your relationship with your children.

By informing the other parent what you've heard and asking for facts, you may be able to diffuse a potentially contentious situation. On the other hand, lashing out and initiating an emotional debate without confirming an allegation can lead to a whole slew of child custody problems. If, however, you confirm your suspicions that something or someone is placing your children at risk, you have every right to seek immediate support from appropriate authorities and/or court officials.

Rumors are definitely not the only things that cause child custody and visitation problems in divorce. Kentucky parents may align themselves with experienced legal representation so guidance and intervention is always nearby. The Law Office of Todd K. Bolus, PLLC is fully prepared to help you navigate any parenting plan issue that arises.