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Judge rules on complicated child custody case after divorce

As many Kentucky residents know, it is not always easy to keep a marriage intact for a lifetime. Divorce is seldom without complications, however, even under the best of circumstances. When three parents are involved, child custody situations can be downright stressful.

Such seems to be the case in a particular situation in another state. Three adults (two of whom were married and engaged in a consensual relationship with the third) have become entangled in a child custody battle. The court ruled that each of the three should have custody rights over the 10-year-old boy they have all raised together.

The boy's father (who is, in fact, one of his biological parents) says he plans to appeal the decision because he does not think his former wife should have any custody rights since she is not biologically related to his son. Another case was cited in the court's ruling, however, where an adoptive parent was granted custody rights after divorcing a child's biological parent. The child in this situation is said to consider all three adults his parents and refers to the two women as his mothers, then adds the colors of their cars after that to differentiate between the two.

It is not uncommon for child custody issues to arise in divorce. It may be a little less common for such situations to involve three parents. Anyone in Kentucky who needs advice regarding a particular divorce issue can request a consultation with an experienced family law attorney for support.