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Celebrities like Halle Berry no strangers to divorce problems

Kentucky couples who have married for any length of time understand what it's like when communication problems arise within a marriage. Some are able to resolve such issues with little fanfare. Others, however, never quite find their way back on track and decide, instead, to divorce.

When there are children involved, disputes often occur over various matters pertaining to their future care. Celebrities are no strangers to such problems. Jon Gosselin said he does not even get to choose which four of his eight children he sees on his visitation days, and claims to have gone an entire year without seeing one of his sons. Other celebrities have been ordered to pay substantial amounts of child support, such as Halle Berry, who must pay $16,000 per month until her daughter turns 19. Mel Gibson, on the other hand, was accused of assault and pleaded no contest to the charge; he was sentenced to probation.

A court has the final say in all such disputes. For most people, such matters remain relatively private. Celebrities, however, often have their personal lives splattered across news venues of all types, which can add further stress to already difficult situations.

Anyone seeking counsel regarding divorce issues in Kentucky may request a meeting with an experienced family law attorney. As a personal advocate, an attorney will work to protect a parent's rights and children's best interests in court. Divorce is typically a complex process that takes time to resolve; therefore, it's often helpful to align oneself with an attorney who has decades of experience representing clients who have faced similar challenges.