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Is divorce dangerous to your health?

Many Kentucky residents who have ended their marriages in court can attest to the often stressfulness of the process. Divorce is almost never easy, and most couples who choose it as the most viable option for resolving their problems wind up facing significant challenges in court before all is said and done. A recent report suggests that divorce may be more than just stressful, however; it actually stated that it appears to pose a health risk as well.

It was a European study that said those who divorce appear to have increased risks for suffering strokes, with men having slightly higher chances than women. It's understandable how divorce could cause adverse emotional effects, and it's long been said that emotional health and physical health are closely linked. So, the idea that one may be at higher risk for stroke after divorce may be logical.

It's also logical to assume then that keeping stress levels low during the divorce process would help a person avoid other health risks. This begs the question as to how to keep stress levels at a minimum when facing challenges regarding finances, child custody, property division or other issues. Many people say that reaching out for support helps them, not only to cope with the emotional aspects of their situations but to act alongside an advocate who can remove some of the burden associated with going to court.

A family law attorney is one such person who offers counsel and encouragement to those facing divorce in Kentucky. It often takes time to adapt to a new lifestyle after a marital split. An attorney can help expedite the court process and seek a fair and agreeable settlement that helps forge a path to a new and happy future.