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Don't cut ties with your parenting rights in divorce

Issues involving children are typically the ones that evoke the strongest emotions when Kentucky married couples choose to sever their ties in court. The divorce process is never exactly the same twice. Every situation is unique, and the court does its best to render appropriate decisions that protect parents' rights and keep the best interests of children at heart.

When it comes to child custody situations, laws vary by state. Typically, the court believes children fare best when provided ample time with both parents. However, if parents disagree on what's best for their kids, the court has the power to make any decision it deems appropriate to a given situation, even if one or both parents are not happy with it.

This appears to be the case in another state where a man has staged a protest outside a courthouse. He holds a sign that says "Children need both parents" and says he will continue to fight for equal custody of his children. The man said that if there is no evidence of any type of abuse, parents everywhere should automatically be granted 50/50 custody of their children.

Neither in Kentucky nor any other state, no parent has a given right to any type of custody in divorce. It's an issue that is usually decided on a case-by-case basis, with general guidelines set in each state to assist the court in its decision-making process. An experienced family law attorney can advocate on behalf of any parent facing challenges in this regard.