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A post-decree modification can make your divorce fairer

When you and your former spouse went through the divorce process, emotions were probably high. Chances are that if you had to go through hearings and court, you didn't agree on critical issues, like asset division and child custody or visitation. You may have pushed intensely for a certain outcome, only to feel disappointed with the outcome. When the courts issue the final divorce decree, you may think that you're stuck with things the way they are. However, in some situations, it is possible to have your divorce decree modified after the courts finalize your divorce.

Child custody and spousal support are frequently areas that get revisited for modification. It is possible, though less common, for the asset division component of your divorce to be modified as well. You may have found out that your former spouse was hiding substantial assets from the courts that he or she accrued during the marriage. When you believe it is in your best interest to ask the courts to modify your divorce decree, you are going to need the help and advice of an experienced Kentucky family law attorney. Your lawyer can help you successfully work for a modification after your divorce.

Things change, and your divorce terms can, too

Life goes on after a divorce. The animosity between you and your former spouse may dissipate over time. One or both of you may remarry. Other complications can arise as well. Maybe you lost a job or took a cut in pay. In that scenario, having your alimony requirements reduced is wise. Perhaps you have reason to believe that your former spouse is abusing drugs or in a relationship with someone who is physically or sexually abusing your children. You may need to ask the courts to change the custody situation to ensure that your children are safe and protected after your divorce.

Maybe you or your former spouse intend to move to a different region for work or a new relationship. Perhaps your child has grown up and now has a strong opinion about custody that requires a change. In these and other situations, you may petition the courts for a post-decree modification. You will need to provide testimony and in some cases, other evidence, about why you are requesting the modification. That's why working with the right attorney is so important.

Attorneys understand the complex modification process

Working with an experienced Kentucky divorce attorney can help improve your chances of success when requesting a modification. Your lawyer will know how cases are handled by local courts and what kind of documentation and language will improve your odds of success. From filing the request to arguing your case, your attorney can be your best advocate for a post-decree modification.