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Why would someone have a post divorce party?

Some in Kentucky may be considering severing their marital ties. Divorce is seldom easy, and reaching out for support is often key to getting life back on track. A woman in another state has been through divorce twice. In fact, she started a new company based on her personal experiences.

The woman decided (after her second divorce) to host a party for herself, including registering at a local department store the way brides-to-be traditionally do for bridal showers. In this particular situation, instead of selecting the bridal shower category on the registry, she chose "other" instead. She said hosting the party really helped her form a healthy and positive outlook regarding her future.

Since then, she has launched a company to help others do the same. The company hosts monthly events that cost from $30 to $40 to attend. The atmosphere is casual and the goal is to promote discussion about topics that often pose the most challenge to people navigating divorce, especially for their first time. Some of the main topics of discussion at the events include finances, holidays and dating.

Finances are actually one of the most common sources of contention during divorce proceedings in Kentucky and elsewhere. Besides reaching out for support in community programs such as the one this woman has begun, those facing financial concerns can also turn to experienced family law attorneys to help protect their assets and seek agreeable settlements in court. Divorce is seldom easy, but with a strong support system in place, it's possible to avoid major problems.