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Business valuation may play role in high asset divorce cases

Being a business owner and a spouse can be a rewarding combination. Kentucky residents may feel that they have achieved both professional and personal success due to each of these roles. Of course, parties can hit snags in running a company and in attending to a marriage, and if the latter heads for a high asset divorce, understanding business valuation may be prudent.

Knowing the value of a company can have many benefits. If a person is looking to sell a business or gain investors, this value could play a significant role in how much potential buyers or investors feel willing to give. When it comes to divorce, the business valuation can impact the outcomes of property division proceedings. Because valuation can be tricky at times, reassessing the value often may be smart.

If parties choose to periodically review the value of their business, there may be a lesser likelihood of valuation disputes in the event of divorce cases. Because a spouse may attempt to gain more from the divorce settlement, having a high value for the company may work in his or her favor. However, by presenting the records of valuations, the owner of the business may be better able to bolster his or her argument for the company's value.

When Kentucky residents have a considerable amount of money tied up in their businesses, they certainly want to work toward protecting those assets in the event that their marriages end. High asset divorce can have complications when it comes to dividing property, and having the right information regarding business valuation may be helpful. If individuals are concerned about how to address their companies during divorce proceedings, they may wish to discuss those concerns with their legal counsel.