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Focusing on family in divorce

Most couples who marry in Kentucky do so with the intention of honoring a lifetime commitment. The reality is, of course, that many relationships do not last that long. Divorce rates continue to be high throughout the nation, with large numbers of spouses parting ways after the age of 50.

When spouses have been together for many years, and have raised one or more children together, various issues may arise during the divorce process that are difficult to resolve. Such issues may include with whom children will reside (if underage children still reside in the home), if either spouse should pay child support (and, if so, how much and how often) and who will have the voice of authority when it comes to important life decisions such as those regarding education, health and/or faith. A concerned parent may wonder how best to address a particular situation to obtain a swift and fair agreement while protecting parental rights and keeping children's best interests at heart.

At the Law Office of Todd K. Bolus, PLLC, we provide focused representation to help your family move toward its goals for a successful, happy future. Most parents understand it is unrealistic to expect complex issues to resolve themselves overnight. By allowing our experience and insight to guide you in your decision-making process, we can help keep stress levels low and obtain an agreeable outcome on your behalf.

Divorce in Kentucky (or anywhere) is seldom easy, yet it is possible to address each issue in a prioritized, thorough manner to ensure that every effort is made to achieve a fair outcome. Your children's well-being is of paramount importance to us. We are ready to help you develop a parenting plan that aligns with your immediate and future family goals.