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Alimony not what it used to be in Kentucky or elsewhere

There's no telling what types of challenges may arise when a Kentucky couple decides to end their marriage in court. Many common issues often surface, such as those pertaining to child custody, visitation and/or alimony. The latter is definitely not what it used to be in that there is no presumption that a wife will automatically receive spousal support from a former husband.

To the contrary, the state takes various guidelines into consideration when handing down decisions about financial support of a former spouse after divorce. One factor obviously has to do with each person's income, perhaps even projections regarding possible future income as well. Kentucky considers alimony as maintenance, and a person requesting it typically has to demonstrate the inability to be self-supporting and/or a lack of assets after marital property is divided by the court.

Kentucky law allows only one spouse to receive alimony after divorce. Which spouse that might be varies according to particular circumstances. There are also rules regarding length of marriage and how long a former couple needs to have maintained their union in order for alimony to be issued on a permanent basis.

Such situations are often complex. The Law Office of Todd K. Bolus, PLLC, in Kentucky is prepared to guide any person seeking alimony or anyone requesting a modification of an existing order. Many alimony issues are able to be resolved out of court; however, we can also aggressively litigate on your behalf if it is determined that out-of-court solutions cannot be found.