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Divorce did not stop Tarek and El Moussa from working together

Kentucky fans of the popular TV show, "Flip or Flop" may also be aware that the show co-hosts were once married but now are not. Christine El Moussa and Tarek are the parents of two children, and recently spoke about various challenges they have faced while continuing to work together on the set since their divorce. Although not every couple who ends a marriage in court is famous, many might be familiar with business-related problems that can surface during the process.

Tarek and El Moussa say their marital split happened slowly over time, and they already felt a great disconnect before actually filing for divorce. As often happens, their relationship suffered when Tarek was treated for two kinds of cancer. They're certainly not the first people to say that health-related issues took a big toll on their marriage.

They're also not the first to choose to keep their business relationship intact after divorce. Tarek says they try to remain as professional as possible although it's often easier said than done. He said it feels rather strange, at times, greeting his former wife on the set, doing the show together, then talking about divorce-related matters such as their house or their children.

While these two former spouses merely work together on the same show, some Kentucky spouses actually own businesses together and run into significant problems when it comes time to divide property in divorce court. As an equitable distribution state, property and assets are not always divided in half. A family law attorney can better explain state law and can help a concerned spouse protect his or her business interests.