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Woman who practices Islamic faith facing major divorce problems

There are many people in Kentucky currently trying to resolve child-related issues with their former spouses. Divorce is seldom stress-free and custody problems have a way of flaring tempers and prompting contentious courtroom battles. A woman in another state who is a naturalized U.S. citizen says her former spouse's extremist Muslim ideas are a detriment to her son.

An attorney representing the boy's father says the accusations against him are completely false, made as an act of retaliation. The child's mother, however, says her son is very different every time he comes home after visiting his father. She suspects the negative changes she witnesses are due to indoctrination of radical Islamic ideologies.

The woman told the court she believes her son is in danger if he continues to spend unsupervised time with his father. She also said if her son is raised to carry out the things she believes her former spouse is teaching him, others may also be at risk for harm. The woman said she knew her husband had adapted extremist ideas when they were still married, which is one of the reasons for their divorce.

The divorce reportedly occurred not long after the man had asked his then wife to allow him to bring another woman into the home as an additional spouse. The woman says her former husband physically abused her when she refused to submit to the request. Those in Kentucky facing divorce problems related to religion and child custody may want to keep tabs on this developing story. An experienced family law attorney can address a particular issue that may be causing a parent concern.