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When divorce involves contentious child custody issues

A case that remains ongoing in another state is a prime example of things that can go wrong when parents are battling for who should remain the primary parent of their children in court. Many divorce situations in Kentucky include acrimonious disputes regarding parenting plans. The woman in this particular case was brought up on criminal charges after she took her infant son out of the United States without first obtaining the court's permission.

The woman traveled abroad with her infant son in 2013 and did not return to the United States until last year. She recently gave a tearful explanation for her behavior to a judge, saying she did what she did to protect her son even though she knew it was wrong when she did it. The judge sentenced the woman to four years probation when she pleaded no contest to the charges.

As it is, the child's mother has not seen her son since her arrest in July. A family court will now decide whether she will ever be allowed to see him again. Her attorney said she is a good person who simply made a mistake.

Not every Kentucky divorce includes criminal charges or highly contentious child custody situations like this woman's case in another state. However, even minor disputes can erupt into heated battles if one of the parties involved refuses to cooperate or follow regulations. To avoid such problems, a concerned spouse can act alongside experienced legal representation when addressing any matters concerning post divorce parenting plans, property division or any other obstacles in court.