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Support available for those facing divorce problems in Kentucky

When you first got married, you likely never imagined that you'd one day go to court to end it. Many Kentucky residents likely relate to that situation. Although the reasons for wanting to end a marriage may differ from person to another, those whose marriages do result in divorce typically confront many similar issues.

A key factor in keeping divorce stress to a minimum often lies in the type of guidance and support you seek before heading to court. If you also happen to be a parent, there may be additional challenges beyond those typically associated with the divorce process due to problems that may arise concerning child custody, visitation and/or child support issues. As a good parent, you want to keep your children's best interests in mind and also want to make sure everyone else involved in the court process does as well.

Getting divorced doesn't mean you abdicate your rights. It also doesn't mean you have to give up things that are rightfully yours. There are usually several options available to resolve property division and child-related problems during divorce proceedings. The trick is to determine which option is most viable in your particular circumstances.

The Law Office of Todd K. Bolus PLLC, in Kentucky, is committed to helping you obtain a fair and agreeable resolution to any and every problem associated with your divorce. From start to finish, this law office makes your rights and best interests a high priority. With a practical and rational approach to each issue, you can overcome obstacles that may delay your settlement and set the tone for a successful, happy future with your children.