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High asset divorce may have Kentucky residents feeling tension

Though each divorce case is different, there are certain factors that could make some cases have a higher chance of facing complications. Dealing with a substantial amount of money is one of those factors. High asset divorce cases often face additional tension, arguments and stress as each party works toward the results they desire most.

One divorce case currently underway in another state may be of interest to Kentucky residents. Reports stated that the case involves the founder of Cancer Treatment Centers of America, his ex-wife and many millions of dollars. Apparently, the man believes that his wife should receive far less money than she is hoping to gain in spousal support as his legal representation offered $9,000 per month as a counter to her desired $400,000.

It has been eight years since the woman filed for divorce, and the former couple have been unable to successfully come to a private settlement. As a result, a judge will have a final say in the outcomes of their case. However, due to the amount of information and arguments involved, the judge needed more time to make a decision.

As this case shows, high asset divorce cases can sometimes take a substantial amount of time to complete. Kentucky residents who may be facing such situations may want to better understand how they could potentially streamline their cases for a more efficient result. Discussing ideas and tactics with their legal counsel may allow concerned parties to better determine how they would like to approach their cases.