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Divorce may be on the horizon if these issues exist in a marriage

Apparently, Kentucky couples facing marital problems may be more likely to sever their ties if certain issues are present in their marriages. For instance, those who have daughters are allegedly more prone to divorce. Those with college degrees, however, are typically more inclined to keep their marriages intact.

When a spouse is repeatedly unfaithful, either in virtual online connections or in-person affairs, there's usually a high chance the other spouse will file for divorce. Those with higher paying jobs and financial stability seem to divorce less often than those with lower incomes. Also, the wedding day itself is often a factor in divorce.

When one spouse thinks the other spent far too much money on the event, it sets a negative tone in the relationship, leaving it at risk for a breakdown. Some spouses say a key factor in their divorces was housework -- or the lack of it to be precise. When one spouse feels like he or she is towing the line without much help around the house or support from the other, one of the errands run after completing housework one day might be a trip to the courthouse to file divorce papers.

Some Kentucky couples turn to ministers, trusted family members or friends, or counselors for advice and guidance when marital trouble hits. Many are able to resolve their problems and stay married. Others determine divorce to be the most viable solution. In such cases, assistance from family law attorneys is often sought to help simplify the process and obtain fair and agreeable settlements.