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Divorce, children, Easter and visitation issues

Many Kentucky parents face tremendous parenting plan challenges when they choose to sever their marital ties. Divorce is often a complicated, messy process. Holidays like Easter, that were once normal components of the family's yearly routines, suddenly become focal points of contentious debates regarding who will spend which holidays where.

This week, families throughout the nation will be sharing feasts and fun for Easter. Some parents will be doing so with their children in blended family atmospheres for the first time. Just as many former spouses run into obstacles at Christmas with identical gifts under both trees, misunderstood communication regarding pickup times or where kids will spend the night, etc.; so too do problems surrounding Easter often arise.

Which parent will attend the local egg hunt in the park? Which will escort the children to get their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny? Such matters may seem superficial to some, but to divorced parents and those with newly blended families, these can be make-or-break issues that can completely ruin a holiday if cooperation, compromise and careful planning are lax.

Some parents say a key point toward enjoying successful holidays post divorce is remembering that children's best interests are the priority. It's not about outdoing the other parent with elaborate, overflowing Easter baskets or trying to become the "favorite" parent by letting the children eat all their candy at once. Parents who have navigated such waters in the past say it's far more important to avoid conflict and focus on what arrangement is best for the kids at a particular time in life. Kentucky parents who need help developing a workable holiday plan can request assistance from experienced family law attorneys.