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Co-parenting may be answer for some Kentucky divorce cases

The decisions made pertaining to children during divorce proceedings can weigh heavily on the minds of the parents involved. Some may be afraid that they will only get to see their children a small amount of time or that the decisions will have a negative impact on the children themselves. Divorce is a considerable upheaval that can lead to many changes, but some child custody decisions may be best for everyone.

Kentucky residents may be interested in one mother's journey with such decisions. She and her ex-husband have one son, and during the divorce, they decided that co-parenting would be their custody arrangement. At first, the mother felt guilty about the divided time her son would have to spend with each parent due to her desire to get divorced. However, over time, she came to see the benefits of the arrangement.

She states that she and her ex both have three and a half days a week and specified holidays with their son. She believes that this arrangement has allowed her to truly appreciate the time she has with her son and also allowed her to grow as a parent. Though the family is no longer a singular unit, she believes that co-parenting was the right decision to ensure her son has nurturing environments.

Co-parenting is becoming an increasingly common arrangement for divorced parents. As with this case, it may seem like the answer to allowing all parties involved to grow and continue to be a family without having to live in a hostile or unhealthy environment. Of course, there are various custody options that Kentucky parents may wish to explore in order to determine which could be best for them as they go through divorce.