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A changing approach to child custody matters during divorce

When navigating the legal issues that come with ending a marriage in Kentucky, parents often cite the well being of their children as their number one concern. Child custody is one of the most common sources of conflicts and disputes that must be settled before a divorce is final, but the way that many families and family law courts are approaching this issue is changing. Across the country, more people are seeing that traditional child custody arrangements may not always be best.

Traditional child custody arrangements often granted one parent, often the mother, primary custody. However, research indicates that children benefit when they are able to maintain a strong relationship with both parents. In order to protect the best interests of the children, more families and courts prefer shared parenting plans than ever before.

An effective shared parenting plan begins with a carefully and thoughtfully worded custody order. This can be a difficult goal to achieve when two parties who are going through a divorce, but it is possible. A parent can work with a family law attorney in order to pursue certain goals and work through negotiations. There is no one-size-fits all solution for child custody issues, and each case will require consideration of all unique issues involved.

When a parent has concerns about decision-making authority, parenting time or other child custody issues, the help of a Kentucky family law attorney is typically invaluable. Working with a lawyer can ensure that specific concerns are addressed and parental rights are honored. Protecting the best interests of the children begins by reaching out for legal assistance as early as possible in the divorce process.