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The factors that contribute to a lower divorce rate

While many Kentucky readers may believe that at least half of all marriages will end prematurely, recent statistics indicate that this may not be true for every age group. The overall divorce rate seems to be lowering, but this trend does not apply to middle-age and older generations. There are many factors that affect the divorce rate, from college education to life expectancy.

The overall number of divorce filings has continued to decrease over the last few years, and many factors can be credited for this trend. Younger generations tend to marry later than their parents or grandparents before them, many obtaining college degrees and securing steady income before choosing to marry. It is believed that this, in addition to being more selective about their prospective mates, has led to fewer divorces among younger generations.

One demographic that has not seen a decrease in the divorce rate is among middle-age and older couples. Gray divorce is more common than ever, and an increased life expectancy has led to more divorce filings in the age groups nearing retirement age and beyond. A gray divorce can involve certain complicated financial matters, and if considering this option, a Kentucky reader would be wise to secure the help of an experienced family law attorney.

Divorce at any age is complex, and it can be useful to secure professional guidance even before filing papers. While the divorce rate may be changing, the need for experienced guidance when facing family law challenges remains unchanged. When dealing with divorce-related questions and concerns, it is best to seek a complete evaluation of one's individual case.