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Divorce doesn't have to ruin the holidays

It is the beginning of the holiday season, and many Kentucky families are wondering how they will get through it -- not because of holiday cooking, shopping or decorating, but because this will be the first holiday season after the marriage ended. Whether a couple is still going through the divorce process or finalized their divorce earlier in the year, the holidays will put any agreements between the parties to the test. The holidays can still be a time of joy and celebration with some preparation and cooperation.

If a holiday schedule is already in place, now is the time to bring it out and make sure that everyone understands what is going to happen. If such a schedule has not been created, now is the time to do it. Children need security, and if they are aware of how the holidays will be handled by their parents, it could help with the inevitable adjustments that need to be made.

These days, there are any number of arrangements that could be made. The important part is that however the parents decide to deal with parenting time during this season, both of them need to agree that they will respect the time each parent has with the children. If one parent wants to take the children out of state, written permission may need to be obtained from the other parent.

Divorce is never easy, but it does not have to ruin the holidays for either the children or the parents. In fact, this could be a time to show the children that their happiness is more important than the circumstances that led to the divorce. Regardless of what happened between the couple, they will always be bound together by the love they have for their children. A Kentucky family law attorney can help keep the focus on the best interests of the children and the whole family.