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Tips for finding the right divorce lawyer for your needs

Although an individual going through a divorce might want to avoid entering into any new relationships for a period of time, the truth is that finding the right divorce attorney also depends to some extent on personal chemistry.

Make no mistake; there is certainly a legal strategy to pursuing favorable outcomes in a divorce, especially regarding matters of support or property division. In addition, an experienced family law and divorce attorney can utilize civil discovery techniques to search for any hidden assets that a spouse may not have disclosed. Indeed, obtaining a complete and accurate inventory of the marital estate is essential before an equitable distribution of assets can be made. In addition, an attorney can advocate for the relevant factors that may help a spouse obtain a favorable distribution.

However, effective legal advocacy often requires more than just legal knowledge. An attorney may need to approach negotiations between spouses much differently than he or she might present a case in the courtroom. Sometimes a calm, professional and objective approach can cool heated emotions between spouses in divorce discussions. In that regard, our law firm has become known for our straightforward approach in finding workable solutions to heated divorce issues such as property division, support and/or child custody.

A client also needs to feel like he or she is in good, trustworthy hands. Another way that we work to establish that trust with our clients is an open approach to our fees. We advise our clients not only about our hourly rate, but also about the typical divorce timeline and whether certain events could make a case more or less expensive.

Another way that we instill confidence in our clients is by sharing our experience, as acquired from a broad family law and divorce practice. We have experience in all aspects of divorce, including contested divorce situations, high asset disputes, business valuations, and many other matters. Divorce is a major focus of our law firm, not just a practice area added as an afterthought.