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Choosing a divorce lawyer requires some research and thought

Ending a marriage is an emotional and financial roller coaster ride. The decisions that will be made during the divorce process will outline the course of each party's future and should not be made lightly or without some assistance. This is why each party needs to take the time to do some research before choosing a family law attorney here in Kentucky.

Friends, family and the internet can provide a plethora of recommendations. This is a good place to start, but it is imperative that a person's choice is based on who will work best for his or her particular needs. There is nothing wrong with interviewing more than one attorney to be sure that the person chosen makes a party feel at ease. If it does not seem like a good fit, it is okay to move on to another lawyer.

Someone with a business will need a different attorney than a person who does not. Furthermore, if the parties have children, finding someone who consistently deals with the custody and child support laws here in Kentucky would more than likely be more valuable than an attorney who only handles high asset divorces. Before making a final choice, finances need to be taken into consideration as well. It might not be cost-effective to hire a particular attorney if the parties do not have a sizable marital estate.

The divorce attorney chosen by a party should provide a certain level of comfort and confidence. He or she has a party's best interests in mind. If the two are not on the same page, it can make the process even more challenging than it already is.