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What snooze buttons have to do with divorce

Many Kentucky residents can relate to hearing an alarm clock ring in a new day, leaving them fumbling in the dark to reach the snooze buttons on their devices. Some say there is a certain type of procrastination in marriage similar to hitting a snooze button that may be a red flag warning for divorce. It has to do with severe communication breakdown in a marriage.

It is not uncommon for spouses to evade difficult issues and problems by avoiding the topics altogether. Otherwise known as "sweeping it under the rug," some have convinced themselves that not discussing a problem will make it go away. Others have learned this is not typically true, and may even to bigger problems in the long run.

Just as repeatedly hitting the snooze button on an alarm clock can lead to greater feelings of fatigue upon rising, putting off discussions regarding marital problems may cause resentment and distance to build between spouses. When spouses are unable to resolve their problems, situations can become complicated. Especially for those to whom amicable communication poses a problem, it may make sense to consult with outside guidance before filing for divorce.

An experienced Kentucky attorney can guide a concerned spouse through the entire process of divorce. If children are involved, particular attention can be paid to protecting their best interests regarding matters of custody, visitation and support. A first logical step to take to submit a request to the court is to contact an attorney to arrange a consultation in order to explore all options that might be available toward a positive outcome.