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Seeking guidance regarding alimony in Kentucky

Courts in Kentucky and throughout the nation have much discretion when it comes to matters of spousal support after divorce. Whether to grant alimony, to whom and how much, are all pertinent topics that may be addressed in court. Gone are the days when a woman automatically receives spousal support payments from a man in divorce. Nowadays, one, both or neither spouse may be granted alimony, depending on a particular court's decision.

Generally speaking, there are certain factors of consideration that typically aid judges in their decision-making processes regarding alimony. For instance, financial conditions of both former spouses are usually carefully reviewed. Age, physical and mental health of each party involved may also be assessed.

How long a marriage lasted and what a particular couple's average standard of living was during marriage may also be pertinent to solutions to alimony problems. Unlike child support, there are no wage garnishments, liens or other tangible penalties for not paying alimony, although a concerned spouse may file a grievance of contempt in connection with a particular court order. Alimony is also meant to be temporary, or, as some say, rehabilitative in nature.

This means a court may set an end date to ordered payments. The idea is that the spouse in need of alimony support will continue to receive payments until that spouse is standing on better and more stable financial ground. Any former wife or husband who has alimony questions can discuss his or her concerns with an experienced family law attorney in Kentucky.