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Jesse Jackson, Jr. headed for divorce proceedings

Former congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his wife of 25 years, Sandi Jackson, have chosen to end their marriage. Jackson is the son of Jesse Jackson, Sr., the well-known Baptist minister and civil rights activist. The younger Jackson appears to be facing several contentious issues in his divorce, including who will have custody of the former couple's children. Many parents in Kentucky can no doubt relate to such problems.

Sandi Jackson has requested sole custody of the children. She has also made a few further requests of the court. For one, she has asked for exclusive possession and usage rights to the home she once shared with her husband. Mrs. Jackson is asking for alimony and child support as well.

Both Jacksons have been in the news for other reasons in the recent past. They each pleaded guilty to misappropriation of campaign funds in a political campaign. Both spent time in prison for their crimes.

Jesse Jackson Jr. and Sandi Jackson have each filed separate divorce cases, as one wishes the divorce to be settled in Washington D.C., while the other wants it adjudicated in Chicago. Navigating the court system in a high profile divorce is an obvious challenge, especially when the public eye is upon the situation. However, even a parent living a private lifestyle in Kentucky may encounter complications regarding child custody or alimony that may be best addressed alongside experienced representation. A family law attorney is able to offer counsel and guidance to help obtain a fair and comprehensive outcome to unresolved divorce-related problems.