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The high season for divorce

As Kentucky readers know, an individual may delay the end of his or her marriage due to significant events on the family calendar. It is common for a person to wait and file for divorce after the holidays, but recent studies have found that there is another time of year during which divorce filings tend to peak. Just as in March after the holidays, August -- immediately following vacation season -- also sees an increase in people seeking divorce.

Family vacations are important traditions, and many people commit to one last trip together before a formal separation or move. Just like the holiday season, vacations can be quite stressful, and many people find that this time often confirms their decision to end a marriage. No matter the reason for delaying a divorce or planning when to file, advance planning can be beneficial.

In addition to seeing an increase in divorce filings, August also brings the beginning of school for many children. A divorce can be hard for a child, and parents should consider how a divorce during this season could affect their kids. Providing continuity of lifestyle can be achieved by committing to protecting the kids above all and by working closely with a lawyer who is experienced in complex custody and visitation matters.

Planning before a divorce can help expedite the actual process. If delaying or planning a divorce, it is wise to gain an understanding of rights and options before filing. Kentucky readers considering this serious legal step in the month of August can benefit from a case evaluation before they make any important decisions.