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Child Custody Battles - Listening

Child custody cases frequently bring out the worst in parents. All too often, parents seek to extend conflicts into aspects of childrearing that have previously not been problematic between them. These battles can occur over previously mundane practices and events from routinely scheduled family gatherings to outdoor fishing trips, and seldom are the desires of the children themselves taken into account. in fact, on all too many occasions, the concerns of the children are ignored completely.

Happily, in Louisville, we have a fairly predictable set of standards that a competent family lawyer can help you navigate, whether the dispute is occurring in the context of a divorce, a custody case, or a modification of a prior decree.

One thing that a litigant can do in order to achieve the most positive result for both themselves and the children in a child custody matter is to listen to how they feel about an issue. Learn to understand their concerns and balance them against your wishes; through maturity and consideration for the desires of both the children and the former partner, solutions can occur.

As one of the linked article sections above states:

"As parents, we only want what is best for our children, but sometimes we don't take the time to see how our children truly feel. We think our children are resilient and strong. We think they can handle the choices we make but, deep down, they are hurting.


It is a powerful reminder that our children need a place of security. As parents, we need to be more in tune and more aware of our children's needs and pain."