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Interstate Medical Seizures of Children in the News

Massachusetts child protective authorities, in conjunction with Boston Children's Hospital physicians, management and other staff managed to once again snatch a child brought there for treatment for immobilizing, hard to diagnose conditions. As has happened in other matters, after a period of time of extreme family dislocation, false accusations, bankrupting expense and heartache, the intrepid team of brilliant diagnosticians shrugged their shoulders and tossed their palms up in the air while stating a collective "our bad", and turned the child back over to authorities in the state where the child lives.

The custody fight started with that visit: At Boston Children's Hospital, doctors assessed Justina, then 14, and diagnosed somatoform disorder, a mental health condition related to stress. Justina's parents rejected that diagnosis and the doctors' treatment plans, saying Justina was being treated successfully at Tufts Medical Center for a physical disorder known as mitochondrial disease.

Officials at Boston Children's Hospital called in the Department of Children and Families, which took custody of Justina and placed her in a psychiatric ward for nearly a year. The Pelletiers were granted restricted access to their daughter.

These folks at Boston Children's Hospital are smarter than your local doctors, psychologists and social workers, because they know full well that all immobilizing conditions are brought about by conditions related to family stress or Munchausen's by Proxy, as opposed to an underlying organic cause (ignore my sarcasm at this point). The Boston judges are apparently all too happy to go along with this brilliance, because incomprehensibly, their first solution is to remove a child who isn't even from there to psychiatric wards or foster care for months at a time. I don't know if they're corrupt, craven, incompetent, or all three, but in the end, it doesn't matter - what they do at the behest of the officials at Boston Children's Hospital is immoral as it relates to snatching children which are under the care of other competent medical providers.

If you have suffered such an interstate medical seizure, please contact us, we may be able to help.